Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ginebra Stuns Alaska, 93-90

Another come-from-behind game, Ginebra stuns Alaska as the 2nd round of the KFC-PBA Philippine Cup Elimination Round continues.

[As early as December, we already asked our co-Jamships living in Batangas to go and buy tickets for us so that we won't have any problems come January 9. Jamii and Rhoane then exhausted everything, thanks to you my dear bebes..

Gwen, a resident of Laguna and me, a Makati resident travelled our way to Batangas to witness the Ginebra-Alaska game. We were very excited to see the team, as if we're not seeing them during practice or during their Araneta and Cuneta games. Haha! Feeling ecstatic, we were really all geared up, ready to cheer for the team. We saw the team the first time we entered the stadium (or is-tad-yum to the BatangueƱos) and screeeeeeaamed! And as usual, that familiar feeling of belongingness is there.]

I'm really not in the mood to write. I just wanted another blog entry. ^__^