Friday, June 4, 2010

Battle of Streaks: BGK vs TNT in Batangas

Good morning! I'm back. After not eating dinner Sunday night, I am here again. Afterall, I was never a quitter. Especially when it comes to my passion for Ginebra. Tested.

So, tomorrow is the battle of streaks, if i may say. Why? For Tropang Texters, since they are on a 10-game winning streak this conference and for Gin Kings, well, the magic hasn't tarnished.. yes, they have been winning straight in their last 8 or 9 out-of-town games (somebody correct me please!!!)? Yes? Yes. So, as I was saying, this is going to be the battle of winning streaks. For Talk N Text, they will face the challenge of playing Gin Kings, the most loved team in the league. Imagine hearing "WALK OUT! WALK OUT! WALK OUT!" again.. Oh! And the famous "Gi-neb-ra! Gi-neb-ra! Gi-neb-ra!" chant.. Oh! This is going to be one helluva game, no one would dare miss.

Eric Menk was said to sit out for 2 or more games due to a strained muscle. And Ronald Tubid will be out tomorrow to serve his one-game suspension because of the Flagrant Foul Penalty 2 called against him last game when he allegedly extended an elbow to Jireh IbaƱes of Rain or Shine Elasto Painters.

Mildon Ambres, Ginebra's 2nd import this season (who succeeded NBA veteran Awvee Storey) will now be replaced by Denham Brown (please open another tab and google it!). An insider said that he will arrive today. So, the crowd can't be sure yet if we'll see some action tomorrow.

In lieu with this, we will expect to see more playing time for our local heroes Mark Caguioa, Jayjay Helterbrand, and even new kabarangay Willie Miller.

Okay, I think this is getting boring now. I myself is not a fan of long articles. Please follow me for more information re: Ginebra and of course for your daily dose of random rants from me.. Hehe! thanks much!!!