Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sta. Lucia Realtors Stunned Ginebra Kings, 86-72

It was our Kings' 2nd game for this conference and still, I was not able to watch it. I have not seen the 2 games even on TV -- super busy. I feel sorry too that I was not able to have this blog updated for the longest time. 1st game, our team won versus Talk N Text Tropang Texters 97-90. Awvee Storey made a shocking 33 points and Mark "The Spark" Caguioa exploded with 19 points. Caguioa was declared the Best Player of the Game. However, in it's 2nd game this conference, Ginebra was stunned by Sta. Lucia Realtors as the latter owned all 4 quarters of the game 25-20, 44-39, 61-54, 86-72. SLR leaders were Johnson 22, Reyes 14 and Williams 13. And on the Kings' side, Storey contributed 13 points, his score way too low compared to his performance in their first game, Jayjay Helterbrand added 12, Baguio 9 and Caguioa 8. Last conference, Urbiztondo of SLR was ill-marked by some kabarangays who witnessed him talk-smacking Caguioa in one of their games. Caguioa at that time, alongside Helterbrand was not playing due to his knee injury. Die-hard fans who were furious at that incident said "Tingnan natin yabang mo pag naglaro si Caguioa!" (Let's see what you can do once Caguioa is back.) Now in their first encounter, Urbiztondo added 9 points for his team evidently outscoring Mark's 8 points. But, is this really much of an issue? Do we even have to talk about this? If that one game shows Urbiztondo is better than Caguioa in all aspects, then we are in real sh*tty talk here. A single game won't make you a superstar. A single game won't make you THE FURIOUS overnight. And you can never earn respect if you are like that. Yeah, like that. So, I guess, clearly, we shouldn't really be explaining things, or justifying things, to evidently say Mark Caguioa is waaaaaaaaaay too good to be compared to some, no-names. Yeah, no-names. I will be seeing you PBA sometime April, once Rudy Hatfield is back. I am also looking forward to seeing my super duper ultra mega to the max love team, Ginebra. :)

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