Friday, September 12, 2008

Palarong PangJAMSHIPS

Last Saturday, after naming magkita nina Thania and AM, nagkaroon ng 'text wars' (ika nga ni Hanna). I really can't remember kung sino nagpasimuno ng walang tulugan, if I remembered it right, it was Rose Ann? Tapos, nabanggit ko kay Jessa, ano ang magiging premyo? Sabi niya eyebags, hahaha. Tapos, tinext ko rin si Jam about dun sa premyo. Since alam kong may Jersey siya ni Mark at JayJay, biniro ko, sabi ko, jersey ni JayJay na bigay ng mama mo ang premyo. Wala naman siyang violent reaction, kaya ayun, nakatuwaan kong ibroadcast sa BGK JAMSHIPS (Globe Users) na walang tulugan, ang premyo, jersey ni JayJay na pagmamay-ari ni Jam. Ang resulta? Walang tulugan, hahahaha. Sobrang saya. Ang daming BGK JAMSHIPS (Globe Users) na sumabog ang inbox. Madaming nagtetext habang nagchacharge ng kani-kanilang mga cellphones (isa na ako doon). Si Pat naman, since hindi siya makapag-register sa Unli, tinawagan nalang ako sa Sun, ayaw pumayag na hindi siya mananalo, hahaha. Isang oras lang naman kaming nagkwentuhan, record-breaking, hahaha. Pero ang pinakagusto ko sa lahat, 'yung reaction ni Jam, ayaw talagang matulog, sineryosong mabuti ang palaro. Nag-text na nga ng naka-caps lock eh, nagalit na. Jam, katuwaan lang 'yun. Pero in fairness, ikaw ang nanalo. At since love tayo ni Pres. Thania, binigyan ka pa rin niya ng premyo, free na ang BGK JAMSHIPS Shirt mo.

At dahil sa mainit ninyong pagtanggap, magkakaroon tayo every other Saturday ng Palarong PangJAMSHIPS. Kaya sa mga BGK JAMSHIPS (Globe Users), make sure na Unli kayo sa darating na Sabado. Sa mga BGK JAMSHIPS (Non-Globe Users), mag Globe na kasi kayo, hihihi. Maliit lang naman ang prize natin sa darating na Sabado, 25 na load, makakapag-unli ka na ng isang araw, hahaha. Pero, dapat sumali kayo, ang hindi makakasali sa tatlong games, hindi sila pwedeng sumali sa game bago mag-opening. Ang papremyo noon ay tumataginting na Upper Box A/B tickets, whichever is available, courtesy of Pres. Thania. Sa mga may work na, magsponsor sana kayo ng papremyo. Every other week lang naman ito. Sana lahat maki-join. Promise, masaya ito.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

BGK Jamships.

I never thought that I would be this close to the people in POL. I only joined because a fan told me of its existence. I joined to know more updates on my fave teams. But now, it's a very different story.

I became a member during the time when every member can use the shoutbox. I met Ate Madz who gave us the link to one of her blogs. I read it and found out how good she is at writing stuff. I admired her writing style. Then, I asked for her email address and added her up in yahoo messenger. We got closer when we were looking for tickets for Game 7 of the Smart PBA Fiesta Conference which is, of course, a game against Ginebra and Air 21. We both didn't get tickets and had to watch at home. I gave her my number and she gave me hers. We became "textmates."

I did not expect to find an older sister in her. I got much closer to her and told her some of the disturbing stuff in my life. She gave me advice. To be honest, she's quite closer to me than my half sister in the States.

I learned about the existence of BGK Jamships when I visited one of her blogs. I saw the blog and asked Ate Madz if it was okay if I'd join. She said that I would be welcome. But, I felt uncertain about joining. What if they can't accept me? What if I don't belong with them? What if having both BGK and PF as my two favorite teams would be a hindrance? What if they're only close to each other and not to newbies?

Ate Madz assured me that whatever happens, she'd be there. She told me stuff that made me feel like, "this is it. this is a sign. join, hanna. it might be a chance that will never happen ever again."

Ate Madz helped me from joining to keeping in touch with others. She gave me the care I was looking for from my very serious half sis. No wonder I love her already even if we haven't met!

I joined BGK JAMSHIPS. Ate Thania, the president of Jamships, welcomed me through text. I met the others and during weekends, I join them in text wars (if there's such a thing).

I think even my cell phone is wondering and if it could talk, it would probably say, "hanna, what happened? why do i receive approximately 20 messages an evening now? why do i always have load? why am i always registered on unlimited texting these days? heyy.. can you let me rest now? i'm tired.. and if you don't mind, please delete some messages. the memory's kinda low.."

I love BGK Jamships, they make me feel like I belong.. They make my cellphone happy.. They make more people switch to Globe. They make me feel like I have a thousand friends.. :)

Now that I am a member of BGK Jamships, I will never let this go.. I will never do something bad deliberately to any of them. I feel like we are one family. I am happy when I communicate with them and why should I stop doing what makes me happy??? ILY JAMSHIPS! I hope that we'll be closer to each other. :)

(emo? no... i just feel like writing about my dearest BGK Jamships.. :D)

Manila Bulletin's Sports Digest

Sorry guys, just find time now to post this one. Enjoy!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Barangay Ginebra coach Joseph Uichico said yesterday the outlook for the Kings is bright for next season even without a first or second round pick in the PBA draft to be held at Market! Market! in the Bonifacio Global City on Sunday.

Although the Kings were far from healthy in the recent Fiesta Conference finals, Uichico managed to pilot Ginebra to the title, upending Air21 in an explosive series that went the seven-game distance.

Uichico's good news for Ginebra fans is the entire team will be ready to rumble when the Philippine Cup opens in October. He said none of Ginebra's Walking Wounded will undergo surgery to recover from injuries.

Jay-Jay Helterbrand hurt his hamstring in Game 2 of the finals and sat out the rest of the series. Mark Caguioa, Eric Menk, Paul Artadi and Junthy Valenzuela were also plagued by injuries during the finals.

"They just need rest and rehab," said Uichico. "Up to now, I don't know how we won the championship. It had to be an act of God. When Jay-Jay went down in Game 2, I asked myself how we could win without him. I just tried to rally the guys behind Jay-Jay and turn it into something positive."

Uichico, 46, said winning the crown boiled down to energy, intensity, spirit, hard work and prayers.

"The victory was dedicated to the players who were injured," said Uichico. "Jay-Jay was an inspiration. He showed up for every game in uniform, shot around during the warm-ups and encouraged the guys. Where did we get the edge? Where did we find it? From the fans. When we won Game 6, it was probably because Air21 could afford to lose it. But in Game 7, the fans gave us the extra push in the last quarter. That was when Air21 really felt the pressure and the inexperience showed."

Uichico credited the Express for a gutsy stand.

"That's a championship-caliber team, no doubt about it," said Uichico. "If they keep that team intact, they'll win a lot of titles for sure. A team with Arwind Santos, Gary David, Ranidel de Ocampo, Wynne Arboleda, Niño Canaleta, Egay Billones and the others will only get better with experience because the talent is already there. Bo (Perasol) coached a heckuva series and we were lucky to come out on top."

In the coming draft, Ginebra gave up its third overall pick to Coca-Cola in a three-way trade involving Rudy Hatfield and Rafi Reavis a few years back. That pick later went to Air21 for Mark Telan and ended up with Magnolia for Gabby Espinas.

Ginebra also lost its third pick in the second round to Air21 in the Ronald Tubid deal.

Uichico said there are at least seven Ginebra playing contracts expiring before the year ends. He mentioned the priority is to re-sign Helterbrand, Caguioa, Tubid and Billy Mamaril. Still with live contracts are Menk, Artadi, Sunday Salvacion, Valenzuela and Reavis.

Uichico said he seriously thought of reactivating Helterbrand for Games 6 and 7 but after testing his leg, decided against it. "Jay-Jay wanted to play but when he still felt pain in his hamstring, we didn't want to push it," said Uichico. "Luckily, Ronald became available. We got an email from Dr. (George) Canlas, who was in Beijing, clearing Ronald for testing. He gave us a great effort. In Game 6, what turned it around was his block on Billones. He provided the hustle we needed to beat Air21."

Uichico also paid tribute to Menk and Valenzuela.

"Eric was struggling throughout the conference but we knew in the finals, he would get back his focus," said Uichico. "In the nitty-gritty, you can always rely on Eric. Junthy gave us stability. Players look up to him and respect him. He's very smart and he settles the guys down on the court. We never looked to him for scoring. We looked to him for his leadership."

Another contributor to the title surge was Artadi.

"When Jay-Jay got hurt, we moved Paul to the starting lineup," said Uichico. "He used to bring a lot of energy off the bench so when he became a starter, we switched our tempo. Allan (Caidic) and Kirk (Collier) have been working on Paul's skills and the results are evident. Paul knows he's the last option when everything else is exhausted. It's just a matter of building his confidence."

Uichico said Alex Crisano also played a key role in the victory.

"I told Alex not to get caught up with the showbiz thing," said Uichico. "We got him for his rebounding and his physical presence at the post, against guys like Asi Taulava and Dorian Peña. He tends to lose his concentration when the crowd gets going but he's doing okay."

Uichico said his gameplan in the finals was not to engage Air21 in a shootout. "How we controlled the tempo, how we made it into a low-scoring defensive series, how we won with injured players - I don't know up to now," he continued. "We knew what we were up against -- a very athletic, physical team with players who could jump out of the gym. Somehow, we were ready for them and the fans gave us the spirit to never say die."


September 7, 2008. It's a date. Thania, AM, and me will meet at SM Megamall (Krispy Kreme, Building A, Ground Floor) at around 6PM. I can't explain the feeling, but I really felt the palpitation as the clock is nearing 6 that night. It would be the first time that I'll meet both of them. Excited. Nervous. Love. BGK Jamships.

*boom* There they are, Thania with Digs and AM. The feeling was so INDESCRIBABLE. It's as if we've known each other for a long time. It's as if we've been meeting each other regularly. It's as if... *speechless* I don't know, but there's something in BGK JAMSHIPS that makes me feel this way. So, I'd say, BGK JAMSHIPS, IT MAKES MY LIFE COMPLETE. *emo* I really love you all.

Finally, I've met Thania and AM. Hours are so short, we have to part ways. But, we can't let this moment to pass without having a simple remembrance, picture. Here you go. Enjoy. Be envious, hahaha.

Note from the author: They had shared other pictures with me. I've posted them in our Gallery section. Check them out! Have fun!