Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ginebra Pa Rin Hanggang Sa Huli!

Ouch! Our team didn't win. But that's fine -- GINEBRA PA RIN HANGGANG SA HULI! :) Bawi na lang next conference. Is it true that Rudy Hatfield is coming back to play for Ginebra? That is the best news I heard today. I hope that's true. We would badly need this big guy's services next conference.. If you agree with me, raise your hand! Aye, thanks! :) and, of course, our reinforcement Awvee Storey is arriving this Sunday, what good news! That means, the team will practice on Monday and will do their assignments seriously. Seriously.

For other news, our sister in KSA Shell "Caguioa" Toriaga doesn't have any globe sim yet. Please refuse any business with fake people pretending to be our "sis" okay? Confirm it with me first, thru text, or tweet me.

Also, para sa iba pang "other news" hahaha.. yung "gimik" natin sa Sunday, 4pm po yun. I need hands. Who's with me, raise your hands! Aye, thanks! :) super excited talaga ako dito. Ayun. Til next entry Jamships!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ginebra Import Will Arrive This Sunday, Feb 28

As tweeted by Asst. Coach Juno Sauler, Ginebra Reinforcement for next conference Awvee Storey is arriving this Sunday. And practice resumes Monday.

Let us all hope the new guy contributes huge to the team. Ü

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